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25/01/2010 | 13:04 uur
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Baby, Let's Play House; Elvis Presley and the Women Who Loved Him - Alanna Nash

Though hundreds of books have been written about the King, no book has solely explored his relationships with women and how they influenced his music and lifeâ??until now. Based largely on exclusive interviews with the many women who knew him in various rolesâ??lover, sweetheart, friend, costar, and family members, Baby, Let's Play House, named after the 1955 song that was his first to hit the national charts and his mother's favorite Elvis recording, presents Elvis in a new lightâ??as a charming but wounded Lothario who bedded scores of women but seemed unable to maintain a lasting romantic relationship. While fully exploring the most famous romantic idol of the twentieth century, award-winning veteran music journalist Alanna Nash pulls back the covers on what Elvis really wanted in a womanâ??and was tragically never able to find.

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